Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Impact Radar for 2023

This brief is an interesting read created by Gartner to discuss emerging technologies over the next decade. I've shared this with a few people inside my organization and the response has been quite interesting. When we get so focused on our own domain, reading forward-looking articles such as this one can seem like science fiction. 

This particular paper is targeted towards particle leaders to help them understand how emerging technologies and trends are changing. Staying on top of emerging technologies is necessary to decide which technologies or trends are most beneficial for their business, and when it is the right time to invest in them in order to improve their products and services.

Never lose sight of that fine line between embedded truth and the need for change. Never lose focus of the opportunities that can make you successful.

In this case, the authors created a simple chart depicting which technologies require focus now, and which ones they believe are imminent. Paying attention to these shifts helps to ensure relevance and longevity. 

This brief is a short read. You can access it here. Emerging Tech Impact Radar: 2023 (gartner.com)