Monday, December 23, 2013

Upcoming Security Conferences

Coming off of an awesome time freezing in the cold night around a large fire pit, eating brisket with friends at David Cowen's home. Called man night, it's a time for a bunch of old hacks to tell stories of early day phone phreaking, ISP hacking, and other stuff that was usually benign and flat-out funny. Thrown in the mix, stories of partying and playing pranks at early hacker conferences. Just a fantastic group of guys.

So…  This jumped out at me while reviewing the weekly Cisco Cyber Risk Report. Here is a list of upcoming (larger) conferences that may be of interest:
  • SHMOOCON 2014: January 17–19, 2014
  • Cisco Live Milan: January 27–31, 2014
  • RSA Conference USA 2014: February 24–28, 2014
  • Cisco Live Melbourne: March 18–21, 2014
  • Black Hat Asia: March 25–28, 2014
  • Infosecurity Europe: April 29–May 1, 2014
  • Cisco Live 2014: May 18–22, 2014