Friday, June 26, 2020

AWS, Accenture, Palo Alto: State of the Cloud

3000 people consulted from AWS, Accenture, Palo Alto Networks across
  • Financial Services and Insurance,
  • Consumer and Industrial Products,
  • Energy and Resources,
  • Technology and Telecommunications, and
  • Life Sciences And Healthcare

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Selected Highlights 
Compute spread: VMs 30%, containers 24%, CaaS 21%, PaaS 22%

We are in a multicloud, multi-compute world
  • 94% of organizations use more than 1 cloud platform
  • 60% use between 2 and 5 platforms
  • AWS is the most popular public cloud service provider
The top three challenges for moving workloads to the cloud
  • Technical complexity (42%)
  • Maintaining comprehensive security (39%)
  • Ensuring compliance (32%)
More security tools doesn’t necessarily mean better security
  • Companies investing more than $100 million in cloud are trimming the number of tools they use. 53% of this high-spending group use just 5 or fewer cloud security tools
  • Acquiring more tools and vendors can create inefficiencies and make employee tool training more difficult
  • Companies start to see overlaps between tools and vendor offerings, so they consolidate and rationalize tools and tool providers
  • 71% of companies use third-party vendor tools, 65% use CSP-provided security tools and 62% use open source tools
Cloud security spend is rapidly catching up with cloud spend
  • Cloud security spend is highest for companies with an annual cloud budget of $100 million or more
  • 34% of these high spenders allocate 16% or more of their cloud budget to security
Greatest challenge to providing comprehensive cloud security.
  1. Lack of visibility 15%
  2. Tool training 14%
  3. Safe practice training 11%
  4. Evaluating current state 11%
  5. Integration of security tools 10%
  6. Securing budget 10%
  7. Security reporting tools 8%
  8. Automation 6%
  9. Executive buy-in 4%
  10. Other 1%
More Numbers
  • 65% of survey organization’s invested more than 10% of their 2019 cloud budget in securing their cloud estates.
  • 58% use 6 or more cloud security vendors.
  • 57% use 6 or more cloud security tools.
  • 77% of companies have cloud security teams bigger than 20 people.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hot News! 25% of enterprises by Summer 2021 will be 100% all-cloud.

All-in on All-cloud! 

Excellent summary by Joe McKendrick on ZDNet of a survey conducted by O'Reilly Media covering large organizations with more than 10,000 employees. Market share for this study was AWS at 67%, Azure at 48%, and GCP at 32%.

Here's the summarized takeaways:
  • 17% of large organizations employees have already moved 100% of their applications to the cloud.
  • 25% of large organizations have plans to move 100% of their infrastructure to the cloud next year.
  • 54% of large organizations use multiple CSP's.
  • 67% of large organizations have plans to move more than 50% of their infrastructure to the cloud.
  • 90% of large organizations expect to increase their usage of cloud infrastructure.
  • 34% of large organizations are using serverless computing
  • 52% of large organizations use microservices with 70% saying they have <3 years experience using them
  • 35% of large organizations have implemented Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
  • 47% of large organizations expect to implement Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
Great work Joe and O'Reilly Media!