Thursday, February 25, 2021

VMware OCTO is Hiring!!!

Interested in joining VMware OCTO? GREAT people. GREAT mission. Join us! I really do love it here. 

Visit and type JoinOCTO in the search.

OCTO’s mission is to create a future of disruptive technologies for VMware and enable a culture of perpetual innovation. We are thought leaders and trusted advisors who collaborate with our entire VMware ecosystem—co-innovating cross-company and with technologists from academia, our customer and partner communities. We invest in people, nurture their ideas, and embrace acceptable risk. Obstacles don’t stop us. We run past them because shifts in direction can lead to new insights and innovations, and to places we never would have otherwise gone.

We are actively seeking inclusive people who bring diverse skills, backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas to the table; people who can transcend limits and always have their eyes on the future. This is how great advances are made, how contributions are valued, and how innovation thrives.

Hope to see you here!!

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Corrected and Compiled NIST SP800-53r5

Congratulations to the collaborators on the updated NIST SP800-53 Revision 5. There are many improvements in this version which seeds several standards efforts around the globe. 

Please find on the downloads page a compiled and slightly corrected version of the downloadable excel files from NIST located here

The corrected version is titled NIST sp800-53r5.ver.01a and found here. I've also added a few details that I find helpful. 


  1. Corrected withdrawn column which had one control mismarked and another not marked.
  2. Added 2-digit Control ID which enables proper sorting on control identifiers. Current published version is incorrectly sorted.
  3. Added column named PK (Primary Key) for proper sorting
  4. AU-5(4) references AU-15 which is withdrawn into AU-5. Updated to reflect AU-5.
  5. AU-9 references AU-15 which is withdrawn into AU-5. Updated to reflect AU-5.