Friday, May 8, 2015

Machine Learning – Intelligent Security Data Analytics

Ran across a fascinating TED video which provides insight into just a close we are to meaningful security data analytics.

Machine learning systems within the last year now process images, signs, and information with more accuracy than a human. The extraordinary Deep Learning algorithm allows scientists to build learning systems without prior knowledge of the subject and solve previously unsolvable problems. Unsolvable… not because of computational power limitations… but because people don’t know how to solve the problem. The machine, however, can learn about and figure out new ways of solving problems that people have not yet thought about. This is different from programmatically writing the logic for how to solve problems.

Consider speed and analysis of system operations with accuracy and capability beyond what a human being can process, scaled to consume the entire output of the data centers operational output (errors, logs, alerts). This is beyond building rules to identify bad traffic and malicious events. This is about enabling a deep learning machine to read every known book, website, web forum, data feed, dark web content, and become a security powerhouse with ultimate knowledge of your data center.

Sound crazy? Far-off? Watch the video below.

Jeremy Howard