Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting Comfortable... ??

Now more than ever it's important to improve your technical, professional, and soft skills. The landscape is more competitive than ever, and the technologies shaping our world are evolving more quickly than at any other point in history.  This isn't a time to get comfortable with your knowledge set. Take the time to invest in yourself and reap the benefits.

Watch a Video!
Quickest way to get up to speed on a number of technologies? YouTube. Check it out! Seriously. For example, check out Chad Sakac's videos at

Attend a Webcast!
Maybe you missed one? Want to check out topics that have presented before? Check out

Try Hands on Labs!
Hands on Labs are growing in popularity because they can be managed easier with cloud platforms and reset instantly, allowing the resources used for someone else to be released as a baby-powder fresh clean slate for your learning pleasure.

Grab a book!
This is the list of books I've been giving students for years. Full disclosure - two of these are mine. They were written to give IT professionals a kickstart with a different skillset.