Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Visual Profile Idea

Looking through my resume the other day and realized just about every company, technology, project, event, etc. has some sort of logo associated with it. Thought it would be interesting to put together on a single slide as a visual profile. Quite honestly I thought at first it was a little too much, but the feedback has been really positive from sales people. Still not likely to use it in a presentation except maybe as an introduction slide in a class. Maybe someone will find the approach interesting or useful.

File: Chris Davis Visual Profile 2016.pptx


Manipulating Graphics

  1. Crop - Select image | format | crop
  2. Resize - Right-click | Size and position | Size | check lock aspect ratio | height = 0.5 
  3. Format painter - Select an image that has been manipulated the way you like | select format painter | click new image to apply the format

Additional Ideas

  • List of technologies
  • List of products
  • List of authoritative sources
  • List of competencies
  • List of customers
  • List of verticals