Thursday, January 5, 2023

Cloud Tech Sales: Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Influence

Think of emotional intelligence as empathy and understanding the emotional state of others and how to navigate the emotions. Awareness. Think of emotional influence as deftly using this information to your advantage. Emotional influence then becomes a powerful marketing technique that aims to persuade potential customers by appealing to their emotions rather than logical arguments. When it comes to selling cloud computing technologies, some common emotions that can be appealed to include:

  1. Security: Many people are concerned about the security of their data and the risk of cyber attacks. By highlighting the robust security measures in place for cloud computing technologies, you can appeal to people's desire for peace of mind and protection.
  2. Convenience: Cloud computing technologies offer convenience by allowing users to access their data and applications from anywhere, at any time. By emphasizing this convenience, you can appeal to people's desire for flexibility and ease of use.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: For businesses, moving to the cloud can be a cost-effective way to reduce IT costs and improve efficiency. By highlighting these cost savings, you can appeal to people's desire to save money and be financially responsible.
  4. Innovation: Cloud computing technologies can enable businesses to be more agile and innovative by providing access to the latest technologies and enabling them to scale quickly. By emphasizing the potential for innovation, you can appeal to people's desire to be at the cutting edge and stay ahead of the competition.

My wife and I became enthralled with the artful selling on a recent trip. She quickly googled to find an excellent article written by Jillian Ilao found on titled "6 Emotional Selling Techniques to Drive Buying Decisions

Jillian powerfully concludes with this: 

How Effective is Emotional Selling & What are its Benefits?

Emotional selling is very effective in terms of revenue generation. Therefore, as part of your sales management process, you must train new sales reps on the emotion-based sales tactics most effective and appropriate for your products or services.

Some 70% of customers are likely to buy a product when an advertisement appeals to their emotions. They are also more likely to recommend brands they feel connected to, with 71% of customers recommending a brand based on emotional connection. Furthermore, brand loyalty also increases as 81% of emotionally engaged consumers say they enjoy giving back to a brand they are loyal to.