Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cloud Audit: Quality Services and Technical Briefs

Deliver a quality service. Keep the Customer Informed.

Have you ever taken a luxury car into the service department? The department knows you paid top dollar for that car. They want to make the experience as positive as possible. Notice how well informed you are about every detail? Notice how the service department goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure they are as non-disruptive as possible to your day. They are careful to keep you informed and set your expectations. You don't want to be there, and they know this.

One Small Secret to Great Service.

There are dozens of dirty little sales secrets you can adopt to improve the customer experience. One of my favorites is the Technical Brief. Starting a new audit? Do you receive common questions around a few topics? Would it be helpful to have informative short documents explaining what you will be doing with the systems and what tools you will use? How about the general audit process explaining what will be done, how long it typically takes, and the how the data will be used? I've written up dozens of these over the years to explain a particular technology, process, tool, system usage, etc. Each are intentionally short, about a page or two in length, with the understanding that they can ask for additional detail if needed.