Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Your Portable vCloud Director Lab

How many times have you been called upon to audit, evaluate, or comment on a new technology you've never seen? As auditors we like to experiment, touch, and learn about the technologies we're assessing. Here's a fantastic way to get up to speed on vCloud Director. You can install vCD on a laptop, carry it to a team meeting, and show off the highlights.

Giving credit to the source where I first read about this - Duncan Epping's YelllowBrick blog post found here: was sent to me by Jeramiah Dooley. Both maintain blogs I highly recommend.
" more installing Red Hat, Oracle and vCloud Director. Just download the appliance and deploy it. On top of there is a great vCloud Cloud Director Evaluators Guide which will help you to evaluate the product.
If you haven’t done anything with vCloud Director before the following articles might also be worth reading, note that these are 1.0 based articles but most of the content is still valid today.
Here is the list of resources found on the vCloud Director virtual appliance download page under Installation and Configuration. Note that these just scratch the surface of all the resources VMware offers.

Product Documentation

Technical Whitepapers